Each session begins with a 10 minute warm up for all members.

You will then be split into groups depending on ability.

Beginners will be coached through all basic manuvers and techniques. coaches are available for individual pad work, there will be technical ability groups where members will be given boxing instructions.

Advanced boxers will be able to spar and work with senior coaches but must first sign a consent form declaring they are fit to train and able to join in sparring.

Equipment available

We provide some head guards and heavy bags/gym equipment for all members to use but you may wish to buy your own down the line. 18 boxing bags and 4 aqua bags available for your use.

All members should provide their own hand wraps and skipping ropes which can be brought from us at the club shop.

most members prefer to buy their own gloves. gloves can be ordered through us.

Become part of the boxing family

We welcome all new comers

New members are welcome to join at anytime. just turn up at the club in gym kit and you will be assessed on your experience and ability, then put into one of the groups.

new to boxing / recreational boxers / experienced boxers

our yearly membership/insurance fee of £30 is payable after 2 paid sessions and you must have this if you want to train at Aylesbury Boxing Club and is non refundable.

(you will not be allowed to train and use our facilities if you don’t have a membership)

We do not have any hidden charges or yearly contracts as we believe you should want to train and keep fit.

Payment for each session is daily unless you have been expected to join the carded boxers and compete in boxing for the club as you can then pay monthly at a discount.

Carded boxers are asked to attend at least 3 sessions per week in the competition season.

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Membership costs £30 a year, payable on 3rd session.

membership is non-refundable. 

Gym clothing and bottle of water. handwraps and a gumshield after you have progressed.